The purpose of my work in painting is to explore ideas about seeing and understanding, and about how, as humans, we frequently understand by some process of symbol side-by-side with some aspect of sensuous apprehension.  I am interested in the combination of abstraction and representation.  I have sometimes attempted the illusion of deep space, but almost every painting I ever made is relatively shallow. 

I like objects, especially ones that have ambiguity, and I always seek to create beauty in my own eyes.  My paintings do not all look alike, that would bore me.  There is some work in my long body of work that is gestural, some that is highly structured.  There is some work that is more intuitive and body generated; there is some that is more intellectual in origin.  There are many forms that recur across time, there is an unceasing interest in complex color and in trying to paint better.  What I mean by painting better has to do with surface and brush, with color and light.  It is also about honing my often-unwieldy ideas into a form that is allusive, suggestive and somehow meaningful to a viewer.

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