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Sarah Gutwirth
43 E. Mermaid Lane
Philadelphia PA 19118



  Sarah Gutwirth received her BFA and BA degrees in 1978 from a joint program of Reed College and the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her MFA is from Pratt Institute in NYC, received in 1985. She has had 20 one and two person exhibits over the last twenty-nine years and has had work in numerous group shows as well. Her work is in several collections, and she has received grants from Kentucky Arts Council, Kentucky Foundation for Women, Murray State University and United University Professions at SUNY. She has taught painting since 1987. She is currently Professor of Painting at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.

Sarah Gutwirth was born in Philadelphia. She lived in Paris, France for one year at the age of ten and one year at the age of 17 and attended French schools. She never graduated from high school, but went to college at the age of 17. She studied art since she was a small child and wanted to attend art school, but was persuaded to get both an art education and a liberal arts degree. She attended graduate school in New York and taught at several institutions before ending up at MSU. She has lived in PA, OR, NYC, NY State, CT, GA, VT, and now KY. She has traveled to France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Thailand, Japan and China.

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